To provide consistent, science-based fitness education in the Middle East.
We want to push forward the understanding of physical fitness in the area
and provide the resource to make a healthy lifestyle accessible to all.


The Project is here to help YOU and provide support for your
goals that is both reliable and easy to understand.

The Project was started with an ambition to change the game.
To change the way the Middle East supports its endless young talent. To change how we succeed.

To support how people, young and old, with goals and ambitions in their minds, go to making them a reality. The Project includes both the ‘Training System’ and the ‘Education series’. Together, these segments provide a rounded approach to setting and achieving your fitness goals.

The ‘Education series’ aims to encourage the inception of raw ambition in individuals through learning about the basic building blocks of fitness.

The ‘Training System’ then provides a pathway to making that raw ambition a reality, through properly planned exercise programming and coaching support, essential parts of achieving any health and fitness related goal, whether it be running an ultra marathon or simply avoiding weight-related disease to live a long and full life.


As Founder and CEO of The Project, Liam is driven by helping others achieve success. The Project was born with the concept that every individual is an ongoing ‘Project’ with many different goals and values.

Liam believes that putting healthy habits and fitness principles in place can help any individual to be successful in both their personal and business life, shown in his experience of working with a number of high-level businessmen and women. Liam continually strives to lead by example with his attitude towards his own fitness endeavours.

Starting his fitness career as a semi-professional Rugby in England, Liam moved into working closely with world leading sports nutrition brands and the management of athletes in the UK and European regions.

In recent years, Liam has shifted his focus towards the functional fitness scene, competing internationally as a Crossfit athlete, always favouring the opportunities to lift heavy weights!