We are not another interior design or fit out company telling you how to make a funky looking gym.

We are a board of athletes and coaches that know how to create an environment that encourages, loyal, repeat customers as well as a functional and effective gym that addresses the needs of your particular fitness customer niche

From Crossfit Boxes to ladies only or student facilities our broad spectrum of advisors have the experience and qualifications to deliver a full service fitness facility no matter how big or small, Our services include: 

  • Facility Design
  • Facility Layout
  • Concept Development
  • Equipment Procurement
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Staff Recruitment
  • Program Services for Crossfit Boxes & Specialised Gyms

We cater to any type of fitness facility including:

  • Corporate Fitness Centers
  • Government Facilities
  • Apartment Fitness Centers
  • Colleges and Schools
  • Health & Country Clubs
  • Kids Fitness Gyms
  • Personal Training Studios
  • Private Home Gyms