The Project was born out of the idea that every individual has their own goals and ambitions, and that to achieve those goals and ambitions, a proper plan must be put in place to make them happen...a plan, set in place over a period of time to achieve a certain goal...a Project.

Nowhere is the idea of life-changing Projects so important as in the formative years of school and university. Young adults choose their path to personal success that will largely dictate the rest of their life..

As such, we at The Project Training System see it as hugely important that these young adults are supported with the best and most appropriate information to support a physically and mentally strong individual, head out into the world.

  The Project provides small-scale Workshops and larger-scale seminars with the sole purpose of giving the future generations the basic building blocks of understanding their own bodies and how to stay fit and healthy, wether the goal is for a healthier mind, or a fitter, faster and stronger body.